Carlos Estrada-Grajales

CarlosEstradaPhD Candidate
Urban Informatics Research Lab, School of Design, 
Queensland University of Technology

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My research sits at the confluence of different fields, such as urban studies, cultural studies and critical theory, as well as technology use studies. It critically examines the production of techno-social imaginaries by marginalised populations in urban contexts. I am also focusing on the role and impact of location-based technologies and geo-media on the ways these groups experience their urban spaces. Grounded in Ethnographic Action Research, my research aims at exploring ways of engaging excluded individuals through novel forms of co-production of visual and textual narratives, creating opportunities to empower them to participate in policymaking processes. I envision my research as an opportunity to explore the affordances of digital and internet-based interactions to fight subtle forms of power imbalances, such as everyday discrimination and xenophobia in Australian cities believed to be multicultural and accepting.