Irina Anastasiu

PhD CandidateIrina Anastasiu
Urban Informatics Research Lab,
Queensland University of Technology

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Irina is excited about all sorts of things, from technology to design, travel and new cultures, food, nature and the great outdoors – one of the reasons she enjoys Australia so much.
Having moved back to Brisbane last year after a research internship at QUT in 2011, she is now channelling her skills and expertise towards more people-focused smart cities as part of her PhD. She firmly believes that people are the ones to create the smartness in smart cities. Technology is “only” an enabler for civic innovation. This is why she is currently investigating the establishment of an urban innovation hub in South-East Queensland to give a nudge to serendipitous encounters between people of all kinds of backgrounds. Through the hub she hopes to foster a culture of ideation, co-creation and collaborative tackling of city matters.
Prior she used to design great user experiences and develop all kinds of software and digital products for companies large and small, while living in the lovely city of Munich, Germany and enjoying the beautiful Alps, the occasional stein of beer and the Bavarian gemütlichkeit.