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Wallea, (also a Curator & project coordinator of Drawn Together, co-owner of Coolihawk, creator of Nambouring, small time social media & marketing guru for small business), is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sociology and minoring in Community development with the aim to go on to complete a Master of Cultural Heritage. A passion of writing and people has lead to some unusual pathways, starting off selling vintage online then moving to owning a physical vintage & second hand store in Nambour, Wallea has always adopted a social enterprise frame of mind. Now a few years on, and a few businesses later, Wallea has branched out further with a socially conscious cafe, a local news and media website and works in the field of public art, social media and marketing. Her aim is to go about life consciously, with a firm grasp on social responsibility and ethics in order to critique and work to change structural inequalities.