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Dr Jaz Hee-Jeong Choi is the Director of the Urban Informatics Research Lab and a Senior Lecturer in Interactive and Visual Design, Creative Industries Faculty. Her current research explores designing playful and co-creative experiences for self-care and mutual aid in urban environments with a particular focus on youth social entrepreneurship. She is an advocate for transdisciplinary research and has given invited talks at major conferences and forums across public and private sectors, including the opening keynote at the 2010 UNESCO Creative Cities Conference.


Dr Mirko Guaralda is a Senior Lecturer in Architecture, Creative Industries Faculty and has experience in private practice and public administration environments, both in Italy and Australia. He has been involved in a wide range of research and design projects at different scales, including public spaces, parks and gardens, civic facilities and multifunctional complexes, restoration of historical buildings and strategic development plans. His expertise includes place-making, urban design, architectural design and landscape architecture.

92181d4ef2b95a3fba78ac0639691556-bpfullDr Debra Cushing is a Lecturer in Landscape Architecture, Creative Industries Faculty. Her research combines interest in environments for youth with her understanding of effective community participation, creating sustainable and vibrant environments, environmental psychology theories and place-making. Her current research areas include: children and youth participation in community design and planning to create youth-friendly communities; innovative park design to encourage physical activity and social interaction; intergenerational community engagement; and design pedagogy and immersive learning formats.

Irina AnastasiuIrina Anastasiu is a PhD Candidate at the Urban Informatics Research Lab at QUT. She is currently investigating the establishment of an urban innovation hub in South-East Queensland to give a nudge to serendipitous encounters between people of all kinds of backgrounds. Through the hub she hopes to foster a culture of ideation, co-creation and collaborative tackling of city matters.

pic_anaAna Bilandzic is a Master student of Business Administration at Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany, and currently a visiting research intern with the Urban Informatics Reserach Lab at QUT. She is undertaking a study as part of her internship for her thesis. The study aims to develop a process how intellectual property deriving from research activities at university could be cross-fertilised by other university members using the concept of open innovation.

CarlosEstradaCarlos Estrada-Grajales is a PhD Candidate & Seasonal Academic at Urban Informatics research Lab, School of design QUT. His research examines the production of techno-social imaginaries by marginalised populations in urban contexts, focusing on the role and impact of location-based technologies and geo-media on the ways these groups experience their urban spaces.

Sarah Johnstone is a a research assistant and PhD Candidate at the Urban Informatics Research Lab at QUT. Her current research is focused on the concept of place-making and the role of ‘open creative spaces’ as a methodology to engaged marginalised individuals in the Urban Design process. Through this research she aims to explore the role of Interior Design practice in this process and identify the key design considerations for designing a space which is flexible, open and provides different ways for engaging people.

The Old Ambulance Station

Judy Pippen is currently the Development Manager working with SCAIP in Nambour. She has lectured at QUT in Arts Research Methodology, worked in Physical Theatre with actors and drama specialists and as a Policy Officer with Arts Queensland. As a community artist she has been active in the fields of community theatre, cultural development, grant writing, project and funds management, festivals and events. Jude was a founding Director of Creative Regions a not-for-profit cultural service provider and producer in the Wide Bay region.

Michael Doneman is founding director of Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship.
He has a background in community cultural development, which inspired work in business design, vocational education and training, and information technology. He has a coaching practice focused on the generic value of creativity in the growth of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and leaders.